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Pupil & Parent Testimonials

We love that our students and parents feel inspired to write about the education and support they received here at Eeduc8. Here are some of the wonderful letters and comments we have received.

“I feel safe in school because I know that I could report any incidents of bullying to staff and it would be dealt with.”

Year 10 student reported.

“My child is very happy, as this is the first time that they have completed a full week in school since Year 7.”

Year 10 parent stated.

“I have been extremely impressed with my son’s transition to into school. He has gone from being a school refuser to coming into school full-time.  The staff at school have listened to any concerns that we have had and have tailored the work around his needs and interests accordingly. I am confident that is we did have any issues that we could speak to a member of staff about them.”

A parent of a Year 10 student.

“The environment has been created for different students who have different support needs."

Parent of a Year 8 pupil

"This is my child's first week and he has developed the mindset of staying in class on his own, without me... wonderful I would say."

Parent of a Year 8 student with complex needs

"Different facilities are here to further my child's and other pupils learning,"

Parent of Year 8 student

University Students
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